Curricular Structure


The completion of the Master’s Degree in Public Health at FURG requires taking 36 credits for non-scholarship students (30 credits of mandatory courses and 6 credits of elective courses), and 38 credits for scholarship students (30 credits of mandatory courses, 6 credits of elective courses, and 2 credits of Supervised Student Teaching)¹, distributed as follows:

Public Health (I and II; 6 credits);

Epidemiology (I and II; 6 credits);

Statistics (I and II; 6 credits);

Scientific Bases for Epidemiological Approach (I and II; 6 credits);

Research Seminars (I, II, III and IV; 4 credits);

Supervised Student Teaching (2 credits, mandatory for scholarship students only);

Master’s Thesis Writing (2 credits).

In addition, there are nine elective courses:

Health Services Evaluation (2 credits);

Nutritional Assessment (2 credits);

Mental Health Assessment (2 credits);

Meta-analysis (2 credits);

Qualitative Methods (2 credits);

Debates on Collective Health (2 credits);

Epidemiology of the Life Cycle (2 credits);

Genetic Epidemiology (2 credits);

Paper Writing Workshop (2 credits).

¹ COEPEA Resolution No. 014/2018